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Talent Selection

You need efficient, confident selection choices. Backed by 30 years of research, our selection solutions and job-and culture-specific assessments provide the information you need to make a confident hiring decision.

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People Development

We are the people development experts. From succession planning to individualized development to performance appraisals, we help you evaluate and develop people across the entire organization.

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Off-the-Shelf Assessments

Personality, skills, and integrity assessments are a quick, cost-effective and highly reliable means to determine the skills and counter-productive behaviors of your candidates.

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Enhanced Executive Assessment

Executive Assessment

Data-Driven Selection & Development for Senior Leaders

We understand the importance of having the right talent in senior leader roles to strengthen the culture, inspire employees, and drive business results. Our assessments help you make your most important executive decisions based on objective data.

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Assess Sim

Interactive, real-world online simulations used to identify key strengths and opportunity areas to guide front-line manager development.


New Integrity White Paper

The High Cost of Low Integrity: Assessing for Workplace Ethics to Identify Top Performers Executive Summary

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Proven Results

Carolyn Larking - HPI
Carolyn Larkin
Human Perspectives International
Tracy Brantley - Brinker
Tracy Brantley
Sr. Manager, Talent Development & Leadership Coaching
Brinker International
Tim Shaffer
Corporate Director, Learning & Development Leadership Coaching
Hyatt Hotels

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Want real world results? See how our solutions have helped world class brands.

“We had used Assess Systems in the past and had great success. It was their abilities, their service.”

Tiffany Schildge Manager of Talent Services American Airlines

“There was a demonstrated interest—genuine interest—in doing business with us, not necessarily just selling their product, and they had expertise in the banking/financial services world.”

Chuck Lotz Senior Vice President Manager of Strategic Staffing First Citizens Bank

“Creating the competency models for each position and using Assess to evaluate against those models helped us to look at potential in a different way. The Assess instrument can help identify what potential experiences someone needs to help them in their development.”

Stan Fletcher Vice President of Executive Development and Succession Planning Brinker International

“We believe in the value Assess brings to us not only in identifying and helping us develop talent but also in helping us select new talent as well.”

Stan Fletcher Vice President of Executive Development and Succession Planning Brinker International

“No test is infallible either positively or negatively. The biggest benefit of using Select was that it helped me to eliminate candidates that were great on paper but flagged on things like work ethic. Something I would not be able to measure during an interview. Select is an excellent screening tool and a time saver.”

HR Manager Large Retailer

The Assess suite of tools is a great resource for my practice, both in marketing and service delivery. They employ solid psychometrics to meet the needs of business people in understanding their talents and taking effective action to improve performance.

Michael Madera, Ph.D. Madera Partners

“We love Select — Just put a class of 14 into CAE training class last week. Select weeded out 50-60% of the original 75 candidates! Thanks for checking in!”

HR Manager National Telecommunications Company

“They’ve been very helpful any time I’ve called or needed anything. They’ve always been there. They’ve done a great job for us—absolutely.”

Mike Soros Vice President   General Manager CTIS

“Assess helps identify candidates who are a better potential fit, and that creates less time impact on our management team. That savings is a very positive thing for the company.”

Pat Nangle Manager of Actuarial Administration Farmers Insurance

“I would like to take a minute to provide feedback with regard to your customer service, your products, and your training. I have been a customer of Assess Systems for about ten years. Working with all of you has been a delight. I have participated in many workshops and other training experiences all of which have been first class. I look forward to many more years of Assess. Thank you for your professional excellence and helpfulness.”

Denny Charlton, Ph.D.

“The feedback I get is that we are getting better-quality candidates who do better in the training sessions, and we get candidates a lot quicker than in the past.”

Tiffany Schildge Manager of Talent Services American Airlines

“Assess Systems helped us create competency models and conduct assessments, and they delivered the core training we needed. With our presentation, we hope to shorten the learning curve for others as they hear about our success.”

Cheryl Harris Effectiveness Lead for the Joint Business General Management Team American Airlines

“One big appeal of what you offer is the development aspect, since often clients are not skilled in developing their people. Your products go beyond just helping clients select the best candidates – you provide a starting point for where to focus development efforts in order to increase the likelihood of a successful engagement. It’s helpful to a branch manager, for example, to have the Development Report to use in working with their department managers. Besides the benefit to the subordinate, using Assess helps managers practice and improve their skills at developing people. The competency based reports take it a step further by sharpening the focus on the capabilities that are most critical for success in the specific position and highlighting where shortcomings may exist for the individual. I find that even strong operational leaders often have limited ability in doing this, so having an easy-to-use tool is welcomed.”

Marilyn Davis, M.S. Catalyst International

“There are a lot of tools available, but Assess goes more in depth and provides the profile that other companies don’t.”

Pat Nangle Manager of Actuarial Administration Farmers Insurance

“In a world of everyone hyping one thing or another of dubious value, I always feel Assess Systems has rock solid professionalism and that I can get great products and the right advice to best serve my clients. Thank you so much.”

Maynard Brusman, Ph.D.

“This was by far the best experience I have ever had with an assessment vendor.”

IBM Project Manager

Assess Systems responded well to our changes. They made them immediately and were right there with ideas to correct any problems and suggestions for enhancements. I believe our project was successful because of them…it’s been over a year since our project was complete and I can still call them with problems and get a response/solution almost immediately. They were one of the best vendors I’ve ever worked with.

Large National Retailer

“We are always looking for qualified associates that can provide top-level service to our clients. Working with Assess Systems helps guide us through the process with good pre-employment screen, personality assessments, and sales aptitude assessments.”

David Kosten Executive Vice President, Human Resources A|X Armani Exchange

“The Assess SSM process has become a “go to” tool for our consulting practice. It is a practical, fast, and efficient process that we have used to create buy-in for leadership development, culture change, succession planning, and change management programs with a variety of international clients. We have used it in the US, Europe, and China with diverse groups of leaders and it has been particularly useful in helping to bridge language, geographic and cultural difference when working with multi-national businesses. It is almost a bonus when the client learns that they can easily have selection and development tools based on the Assess SSM process because they find the structured dialog of the process alone to be so valuable.”

Private Consultant

“To be effective, leaders need to align with the business strategy and develop internal talent. These abilities are critical in today’s competitive landscape – especially in the dynamic airline industry. Assess Systems helped us create a program that will deliver this kind of sustained leadership to our organization.”

William Mitchell Managing Director of Leadership Planning & Performance American Airlines

“A difference between Assess Systems and other vendors is the Assess Systems project managers were also the subject matter experts. I liked that. You don’t have a project manager who knows how to manage but can’t provide thought leadership.”

Kathy Woodard Vice President Recruiting Manager First Citizens Bank

“Thank you for all of the wonderful support, the opportunity to attend the workshops (one of the most valuable experiences developmentally in my career) and for the wonderful service you provided. I wish you and your comrades continued success!”

HR Manager Large Nationwide Retailer

“Sage Concepts, Inc. is currently a user and reseller of the Assess, Select and Salesmax products designed and produced by Assess Systems. I have worked primarily with in the technical and implementation aspects of their products. They are easy to work with; I’ve found them particularly helpful when I’ve had a technical problem or request. They have great forethought in their training procedures and have been able to anticipate most questions I or our clients may initiate. Response time is generally less than a day; I usually send an email for non-pressing items, or a phone call for an immediate review. I believe one thing to their advantage is the low turnover of personnel in key positions – they have seen us through the many computer and internet changes in the marketplace – and know their products extremely well. I have great confidence in them to handle any situation that arises. I recently had a client who needed a particular configuration of a report for their Select data. They worked with us and were willing to create a separate URL to give my client the information they needed. So that way EVERYBODY was happy. We’ve been with them for close to eight years and would recommend them without hesitation.”

Leah Avey Sage Concepts, Inc.

“We are a user and reseller of the…products designed and produced by Assess Systems . I have worked primarily with them in the technical and implementation aspects of their products. They are easy to work with…they have great forethought in their training procedures and have been able to anticipate most questions our clients or we may initiate. I have great confidence in them to handle any situation that arises.”

Leah Avey Sage Concepts, Inc.

“I’ve known and worked with the team at Assess Systems for at least 15 or so years, and I’ve been pleased to be among the ranks of their ‘Pro User’s group. I’m also plenty familiar with their capability to handle large, complex assessment and coaching projects, which is why I sought their involvement to work with Family Dollar Stores, a local client but one with a coast-to-coast reach and needs for a scale and service level that stretched beyond what my one-person consultancy could deliver. After a meeting and conference call or two to strategize our approach, I’m pleased to report that a joint meeting with company management led to a successful hand-off as well as a nice reward for my time and commitment to the project – I’d welcome more of the same anytime.”

Dennis Whittaker, Ph.D.
Whittaker Corporate Psychology

Assess Systems has an extremely bright group of people. They are professional, very thorough, methodical, detail-oriented and service-oriented. They understand our industry and seek to continually learn about our organization and what we are striving for. They stay on top of the current science, the current technology and the current systems.”

Bill Streitberger
Chief People Officer
American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC

“We’ve found them to be one of our best suppliers to work with. They provide exceptional customer service and are very responsive to our requests.”

Faithe Hart Vice President of Talent Management CARQUEST

“Beyond the assessment tools, I’ve been very pleased with the level of support Assess Systems has provided—even to the point of giving us guidance on how to get buy-in from our department heads.”

Jeannette Johnson PHR,Organizational Development Officer Tarrant County Human Resources

“If we are successful in the people selection arena, I attribute a great deal of that success to Assess Systems and how they have advised us in selecting the right people.”

Fred Chaney Lincoln Property Company

“Assess‘ competency modeling is the foundation for the practice, which advocates a closed-loop system encompassing hiring, development, performance management and succession planning. Had we not discovered Assess, we would not have been able to put the other pieces together.”

Laurie Kane, Ph.D., SPHR VP of Human Resources Development TTI

“When you look at our company website, it’s like a new Chevy — good, solid, dependable. But then you link to yours, it’s so clearly a Cadillac! Great graphics — good well thought out message — very appealing. All I need to do is help you guys spread the word about where my people need to go and once they get to your site, they will be sold on your professionalism and credibility, and will know the good work you do.”

Manager Large Oil and Gas Company

“There was an immediate reduction in terms of the time it took to get to the higher-quality candidates and get them in front of managers. There’s greater confidence not only that we’ll have a quality hire, but also that the employee will stay with us.”

Chuck Lotz Senior Vice President Manager of Strategic Staffing First Citizens Bank

The users at Anne Grady are amazed at the results they are getting from Select. Their eyes are like ‘deer in the headlights’ and they have a very positive response to the Select reports.

I/O Psychologist/Consultant

“Just a quick note to thank you for your hard work and an excellent job on these presentations. Your delivery of the project and training information has been exemplary. We are very pleased to be partnering with you on this project.”

Vice President Skills Testing Provider

“The Assess SSM model has been the core process in assisting me to successfully launch succession planning, leadership development and executive coaching for my clients. It provides a focus for companies to align their selection, development and evaluation strategies and then cascade this process throughout the company.”

Ron Beasley, Ph.D. Sage Concepts, Inc

“Our leadership program ROI was 631 percent. It was a big ROI, but all I wanted to see in the ROI was that we were getting our money’s worth — and the ROLD report validated that.”

William Mitchell Managing Director, Leadership Planning   Performance American Airlines

“They do a great job. There’s not a single concern we’ve had regarding our business relationship for the entire eight and a half years we’ve worked with them,” Myran stated. “They’ve been very responsive to our needs.”

Myran Dill, SPHR VP of Human Resources TTI

“Assess Systems was very professional and came to the sales presentation very client-specific prepared. Assess Systems was very good at listening to the client and responding perfectly. This was by far the best experience I have ever had with an assessment vendor.”

IBM Project Manager

“Assess Systems had a nice meld of intelligence and an attitude of “easy to deal with” – a great business sense and an effective product.”

Large National Retailer

“I’ve seen leadership development programs that were so complicated, complex and involved, I thought, ‘We can’t do that.’ When I saw Assess Systems‘ curriculum, I thought, ‘This is it. This is what we need right now.’”

William Mitchell Managing Director, Leadership Planning & Performance American Airlines

Anything that can help in a hiring position is really important. Assess does help a tremendous amount—because the last thing you want to do is put someone into the wrong position or make a bad hire.

Pat Nangle Manager of Actuarial Administration Farmers Insurance

“Selecting the right talent for your individual business is the most important thing you can do. There’s nothing more important. That’s what has made working with Assess Systems a very good relationship for Hyatt.”

Randy Goldberg Vice President of Recruiting Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, North America Operations

“I just want to thank you both for your hospitality and for the Assess360 information. I am so pleased to have finally (my fault) had the opportunity to meet you both. Our short time together has reinforced the pride I have felt throughout this past year in being an Assess Systems customer. Frankly, my confidence in your company has actually soared to greater heights after having the opportunity to meet you both. Thank you again and I wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season.”

HR Vice President Large Food Distribution Company

Assess Systems helped us get tailored assessments targeted specifically to our job roles up and running and integrated into our recruitment management system in under 30 days. The reports are easy to use and deliver real value to our hiring managers in the field.

Faithe Hart Vice President, Talent Management General Parts, Inc., CARQUEST

“When I was hired in 1998, they already had the on-line interview in place from Assess Systems. The project I worked on was integrating the federal WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) program into the on-line interview. Assess Systems was instrumental in completing the project accurately and on-time. Any of the “major” issues came from us, like changing requirements during the middle of the project, etc. Assess Systems always responded well to our changes. They made our changes immediately and were right there with ideas to correct any problems and suggestions for enhancements. I believe this project was successful because of them. One other thing I liked to mention and that would be post implementation problems. In working with other vendors, I often find problems with support AFTER the software/hardware installed, NOT with Assess Systems. It’s been over a year since this project was complete and I can still call them with problems and get a response/solution almost immediately. They were one of the best vendors I’ve ever worked with.”

Large National Retailer

The report and your service to us was exceptional. Thank you so much for every thing you did …you communicated to us every step of the way, patiently described the process, and maintained the integrity of the report. Thank you so much for your professionalism and your generosity!!! Thank you so much!!!

Manager Large Restaurant Chain

“Candidates receiving an Avoid score are automatically rejected from our system as a result of the validation Assess Systems had done. For those that are recommended by the assessment, 73 percent were rated by their supervisors as ‘great hires.’ It was very, very clear.”

Randy Goldberg Vice President of Recruiting Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, North America Operations

“We find the Select tests to be an invaluable resource in our hiring process. I don’t have the current statistics in front of me, but I can confidently say that our termination rate, voluntary and involuntary, has significantly decreased since we implemented the Select testing program.”

HRIS Analyst National Telecommunications Company

“Now we’re able to look at competencies in which individuals need the most development and determine what management courses and other development activities are most appropriate. We aren’t shooting in the dark.”

Jeannette Johnson PHR,Organizational Development Officer Tarrant County Human Resources

“In 2008, after we had everything in place less than six months, we went from 142-percent turnover to 104 percent. Through may of 2009, we were at 40‰.”

Mike Soros Vice President   General Manager CTIS

“Here’s a world-class partner that helps us offer that next level of assessment. We are impressed by and look forward to further using Assess Systems‘ depth of knowledge and expertise.”

Ken Lang Vice President of Sales JobApp Network

“When you look at the sheer numbers and the time frame, we couldn’t have done it in-house. We wanted one-on-one coaching and quality, so we weren’t going to go to just any training organization. Assess Systems had the expertise and we trusted their people, so we felt good putting them in front of our managers.”

Cheryl Harris, Ph.D. Organization Development Consulting Manager for Airport Services American Airlines

“The reports are easy to use and deliver real value to our hiring managers.”

Faithe Hart Vice President of Talent Management CARQUEST

I want to say once again how pleased I am with the level of customer service and support you have offered — undoubtedly the very best I have seen from ANY vendor, EVER. (And please know my standards are very high!) Your technical expertise, pleasant disposition, and unwavering patience with even the most inane questions are to be applauded. With the sales presentations, proposal templates, and other materials you provide us, you make my job very easy. Thank you!

Sandra Ellison Ellison Consulting

“As you can see by our Select numbers, we have been doing a lot of Call Center hiring. The good news is that the tool seems to be very effective in helping us identify the stronger candidates.”

HR Manager National Telecommunications Company

“The Assess competency-based reports were a real leap forward for us. The users are now much more able to read and interpret their reports without expert help and we are able to link the Assess output to other competency-based material that we have developed over the years. I’ve recommended Assess to colleagues and consultants, alike.”

Senior Manager Assessment and Coaching Services Large Fortune 500 company

“I have used the Assess tool for both the selection of future candidates and employee development. I was very skeptical in the beginning and decided only to try the selection package at first. I have used it for hiring and promoting candidates and it has put more structure into our process. The Assess system is a tool for constructing a more in-depth process centered on the competencies of the position. In all cases, we felt we made a more informed decision based on the process. After going through the training … on the selection tool, we decided to try the development package on a few direct reports…individuals were in agreement with the findings and development suggestions. Overall, I think the development package is a great motivator for stimulating discussions around future plans. I’m requiring all my managers to use this great tool.”

Sales Manager Technology Sales Team

“Assess Systems had the added strategy and value in developing an integrated process. Everyone else tried to sell me a product.”

Mike Moerschbacher Simpson Housing

“The info in the reports is very useful when making [managerial] decisions! The results of our validation study indicate the Salesmax assessment is valid predictor of total product sales… it was very encouraging to see that the assessment predicted probably the most important variable — total sales!”

Senior Manager Large U.S. Life Insurance Company

“It really helped them find out things that were not easily uncovered in an interview. The tools were improving the quality of the new salespeople being hired.”

Former Vice President Human Resources TTI

“We’ve hired better people,” said Mike, who believes that using Assess Systems‘ solution is a crucial foundation. “It saves people in the field a lot of time, too. It’s made a big difference, and I think every project manager would tell you that.”

Mike Soros Vice President General Manager CTIS

“One of their key core competencies was their online application of their psychometric tools. We could evaluate numerous people all over the country.”

Stan Fletcher Vice President of Executive Development and Succession Planning Brinker International

Assess Systems Talent Cloud

Assess Systems Talent Cloud

Join the Assess Systems Talent Cloud® a global network of talent management professionals utilizing our solutions to help organizations select and develop their talent. The Talent Cloud includes a broad cross-section of independent practitioners whose backgrounds include the behavioral sciences, training and development, education, human resources, professional coaching, organizational development, and business. In addition to our professional internal consultants, the Talent Cloud expands our ability to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

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