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People Development

Develop Existing Talent

People development is crucial to your company’s success. Particularly today, it is imperative to develop existing talent with a focus on business objectives and growth opportunities. Assess Systems‘ people development expertise helps you grow and develop your people—your greatest competitive advantage.

Customized Development Strategies

Assess Systems’ development and consulting solutions evaluate work-related personality, intellectual abilities and other factors influencing job-specific competencies. We help you identify skill gaps, performance levels, development progress and succession needs.

Develop Excellence—Competencies Define Performance Goals

  • Assess Systems helps develop people by first defining the primary behaviors and competencies needed for success.
  • Our rapid, no-hassle method easily creates a new competency model, builds on existing models, or lets us train you to build your own.
  • With our competency-based assessments as the foundation, our solutions target high performance standards and help develop talent excellence.

People Development

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Don't take our word for it...

“The Assess SSM process has become a “go to” tool for our consulting practice. It is a practical, fast, and efficient process that we have used to create buy-in for leadership development, culture change, succession planning, and change management programs with a variety of international clients. We have used it in the US, Europe, and China with diverse groups of leaders and it has been particularly useful in helping to bridge language, geographic and cultural difference when working with multi-national businesses. It is almost a bonus when the client learns that they can easily have selection and development tools based on the Assess SSM process because they find the structured dialog of the process alone to be so valuable.”

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