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Professional & Leadership Development

Targeted Professional & Leadership Leadership Development

Your professionals and leaders are the core of your organization—and developing them is critical for the future success of your business. Assess Systems combines our assessment tools with organizational psychology and people-development expertise to quickly target and develop critical leadership competencies.

Proven Professional & Leadership Development Processes

Our proven processes help your professionals and leaders increase their value to your organization and grow their careers:

  • We assist you in creating competency models to establish benchmarks for success.
  • Our competency-based personality assessments combined with cognitive ability evaluations identify strengths, skill gaps, and growth opportunities for each individual.
  • Our multi-rater, 360 feedback and follow-up 360 generate additional performance insight.
  • Our developmental analysis provides an in-depth description of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses and helps target growth opportunities.
  • Our experts can assist with the delivery of assessment feedback, or we can train your teams to provide it.
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Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Don't Take Our Word For It...

“Sage Concepts, Inc. is currently a user and reseller of the Assess, Select and Salesmax products designed and produced by Assess Systems. I have worked primarily with in the technical and implementation aspects of their products. They are easy to work with; I’ve found them particularly helpful when I’ve had a technical problem or request. They have great forethought in their training procedures and have been able to anticipate most questions I or our clients may initiate. Response time is generally less than a day; I usually send an email for non-pressing items, or a phone call for an immediate review. I believe one thing to their advantage is the low turnover of personnel in key positions – they have seen us through the many computer and internet changes in the marketplace – and know their products extremely well. I have great confidence in them to handle any situation that arises. I recently had a client who needed a particular configuration of a report for their Select data. They worked with us and were willing to create a separate URL to give my client the information they needed. So that way EVERYBODY was happy. We’ve been with them for close to eight years and would recommend them without hesitation.”

Leah Avey
Sage Concepts, Inc.

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