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Talent Selection

Hire the Best

Assess Systems saves organizations time and money with job-specific, research-validated assessments resulting in rapid, clear hiring recommendations that prioritize candidates according to their potential for success.

Talent Assessment & Selection

Effective Hiring Decisions

The most effective hiring decisions result from a multi-component selection process—a process that involves pre-screening, realistic job previews (RJP), testing, interviewing, and other components. At Assess Systems, we specialize in designing this type of multi-component process and then using state-of-the-art technology to make it seamless and easy-to-use.

Web-Based Tools

Our people are organizational psychologists, management consultants, software designers and service professionals working together to serve the business needs of our clients. Together we specialize in personalized service focused on our clients’ successful management of human capital.

Assess Systems‘ expertise and Web-based tools help ensure that you hire the best—quickly and efficiently.

  • Selection assessments are available for hourly, professional and managerial, consultative sales, and executive roles.
  • You choose the degree of customization and consultant involvement, so you’re not locked into a suite or package.
  • You can leverage assessments across national or even global locations to promote a consistent candidate-selection experience.
  • As needed, Assess Systems conducts predictive validation studies—as sanctioned by the American Psychological Association (APA)—to ensure that talent assessments accurately predict on an ongoing basis.

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Don't take our word for it...

“The Assess SSM process has become a “go to” tool for our consulting practice. It is a practical, fast, and efficient process that we have used to create buy-in for leadership development, culture change, succession planning, and change management programs with a variety of international clients. We have used it in the US, Europe, and China with diverse groups of leaders and it has been particularly useful in helping to bridge language, geographic and cultural difference when working with multi-national businesses. It is almost a bonus when the client learns that they can easily have selection and development tools based on the Assess SSM process because they find the structured dialog of the process alone to be so valuable.”

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