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Professional, Managerial, and Sales Talent Selection


Identify and Prioritize Candidates

Hiring the right professionals and managers is essential—yet even the best selection process cannot reveal the hidden traits of winning candidates. Assess professional assessments help you to evaluate every critical ingredient, including candidates’ innate characteristics, intellectual abilities and learned skills, then compares the results to your organization’s model of success. Assess identifies and prioritizes candidates with the right fit—and this includes job role, company and culture.

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Use Assess for:

  • Executives – Development
  • Executives – Selection
  • Managers – Development
  • Managers – Selection
  • Professional/Individual Contributor – Development
  • Professional/Individual Contributor – Selection
  • Restaurant Assistant Manager – Development
  • Restaurant Assistant Manager – Selection
  • Restaurant General Manager – Development
  • Restaurant General Manager – Selection
  • Restaurant Kitchen Manager – Development
  • Restaurant Kitchen Manager – Selection
  • Sales Managers – Development
  • Sales Managers – Selection
  • Sales Professionals – Development
  • Sales Professionals – Selection
  • Supervisors – Development
  • Supervisors – Selection
Assess Competency Graph

Define Success

Competencies Define Superior Performance:

  • Assess solves talent evaluation by defining the primary behaviors and competencies required for success.
  • Our rapid, no-hassle method of creating flexible models ensures high performance standards and aligns talent with business strategy.

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Hire the Best

Assess web-based assessments can be taken any time from virtually any location. They provide feedback on strengths and weaknesses compared to important job competencies and individualized interview questions to investigate a candidate’s strengths and potential weak points. You can use the behavior-based interview Assess provides to better target critical areas. With Assess, you save time and money by increasing hiring efficiencies, avoiding bad hires and tying people strategy to business strategy. Go here for more information on Assess.

Download the Assess Collateral

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The Assess suite of tools is a great resource for my practice, both in marketing and service delivery. They employ solid psychometrics to meet the needs of business people in understanding their talents and taking effective action to improve performance.

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