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Driving for Results Delivering for Results

Competency Spotlight: Driving for Results and Delivering Results

Competency Spotlight: Driving for Results and Delivering Results

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by Assess Systems

We have to do more with less. Whether it is the manager whose team just doubled in size or the sales person whose quota continues to grow, we all must accomplish more with fewer resources. To stay on top of demands in this challenging environment, organizations must find talented people who 1) achieve a stronger return on their efforts when in a direct delivery or contributor role (Delivering Results) and 2) drive a team to elevated performance in a management or leadership role (Driving for Results).

In this edition of the Competency Spotlight, we focus on Delivering Results and Driving for Results.


– “Maintains a high level of commitment to personally getting things done.”

Sample Behaviors:

  • Assumes personal responsibility for achieving outcomes
  • Works effectively with little guidance
  • Produces a high level of work output

Driving for Results – “Challenging, pushing the organization and themselves to excel and achieve.”

Sample Behaviors:

  • Challenges self and the organization to set high expectations
  • Sets or helps to set appropriate goals and objectives
  • Overcomes obstacles to achieve results

The Assess&trade selection reports indicates how an individual’s personality may help or hinder performance, based on competency fit. For Delivering Results, shown above, a score in the green range indicates a strong fit to help performance, while scores in the red and yellow ranges indicate where the individual’s personality may hinder competency performance and how a hiring manager can probe to gain further insights:

Delivering Results

We have many examples in our research showing how Assess differentiates performance in key competencies. The client example below shows how stronger assessment scores predict higher supervisor ratings of performance in Driving for Results:

Restaurant Managers Graph

In summary, the competencies of Delivering Results and Driving for Results are critically important to ensure that organizations fill key positions with top talent that will deliver business outcomes in these demanding and challenging times. By using assessments to hire and development individuals who have a results-centered personality, organizations will be better poised to 1) achieve stronger results with fewer and leaner resources and 2) gain a competitive edge in employee productivity.

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